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Floral Skirt!

It has literally been an eternity, and I am sooo incredibly sorry for that. It’s finally summer. School was busy but amazing. Anyway, here are some outfits that have been backlogged (it’s weird because I don’t even look like this anymore hahaha)!

Skirt: Marshall's $10; v-neck: Target $8; boots: Areosole (Christmas gift years ago); jacket: Grandfather's shirt from Korean War

Skirt: Marshall’s $10; v-neck: Target $8; boots: Areosole (Christmas gift years ago); jacket: Grandfather’s shirt from Korean War

This skirt sits right on my hips, and flares out. This means that the thinner part of my waist is accentuated, while the gaze is pulled away from the larger part (my hips and thighs) due to the cut and flow of the skirt. As you can see the rest of my outfit is kept decidedly neutral due to the print of the skirt. Solid colors are important, or else there would be clashing, and the beauty that is a sunflower skirt would be cluttered. My orange bag is always handy for a pop of color, and the green jacket tempers the brighter colors. It’s a nice contrast that brings the outfit down in volume.

Also note that the boots go to below my knee, but I’ve worn this outfit with my black booties and with my black Doc Marten’s. The black tights allow flexibility with shoes, as does the length of the skirt. Skirts a few inches above the knee are more versatile with how high footwear goes. If the skirt was knee length my boots would shorten my legs, as opposed to elongating them.


Business Fun with a Feminine Twist

I wore this on the last day of class before winter break (I know, I know, I’m wildly behind).


Shirt: Khols $14; skirt: Urban Outfitters $10; tights: Target $5; booties: DSW $50; sweater: Urban Outfitters $10; Bow Tie: Burlington’s Coat Factory $5

I wore this on the last day of school before Winter Break. It was also the last day of my Doctor Who course on campus so I thought the bow tie was fitting. This is yet another way to feminize masculine clothing. The off the shoulder look of the sweater offsets the bulkiness of the shirt, as well as gives a more feminine shape to my silhouette. The booties also elongate my legs, which is important since there isn’t a strict definition to my waste. The off the shoulder aspect helps with this as well!

In terms of color I stayed within the same shades. All the clothes that I am wearing are dark, this allows my purse to be the “pop” of color, without being overwhelming or distracting.



Seeing The Lion King in Los Angeles!

Hey Hey!,

I know it’s been a while, I’m backlogged and I’m sorry!


Sweater: $20; shorts:$45 (pricey I know, but they were from a street fair, handmade); tights: Target $5; booties: DSW $50

Okay, so I know this outfit isn’t the cheapest that I’ve ever posted but hear me out. First off, everything I’m wearing has immense re-wear value. The white knit sweater was from a local shop near my house, and because of it’s plain-ness can be dressed up or dressed down, and worn with multiple bottoms. The shorts are more than I would usually pay for something as well. However, my mother bought them for me. The fabric is from Guatemala and the woman who was selling them at the Renegade Crafts Fair (in LA) made them herself. So that’s how I justify that. ๐Ÿ˜› The booties were a solid 50% off from the original price, and I absolutely adore them. Actually, I’m wearing them as I type this in my school’s library.

For this outing I really wanted an outfit that could be dressy, but also street smart. I think I filled the bill. The clothes were easily worn around the streets of LA before the play, but were dressy and flattering enough to be good inside the theater.

The sweater is a crop top, which is all you can really wear with those printed shorts, since you want as much of the shorts as possible to be showing. The ankle booties and tights serve to dress the outfit up, as well as elongate my legs.

The picture is really just me being a spazz.


Friends and I having fun before the show. We found this alleyway with cool graffiti before the show.

Stripes and Schoolgirl


Imagine Dragons concert tee; skirt $10; cardigan: Forever21 (years ago); socks: Target $4; shoes: Doc Marten’s

I think this is a fun and quirky outfit. The majority of it is black, but there are some purple and blue tones in the shirt. This allowed me to complement it with the socks, adding some quirk, and then topping it off with the dark red cardi. Red is usually a good compliment to purple, if you keep it within the same tones. I just felt like being sorta fun this day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Updated Red Dress (Red Hot L.U.S.T. Party)

I’m incredibly behind on posts! I apologize. Anyway, I’m part of a club on campus called L.U.S.T. (Listening and Understanding Sexuality Together), and in November they hosted a dance called the Red Hot L.U.S.T. Party. You were supposed to wear something that made you feel sexy. Naturally, my Docs and red lipstick were a must. I then happened upon this dress on the sale rack at Target (ALWAYS WORTH LOOKING AT), and voilรก this happened. I must say, I felt very sexy indeed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dress: Target $12 (50% off); boots: Dr. Marten's

Dress: Target $12 (50% off); boots: Dr. Marten’s

The dress comes in at the narrowest part of my waist. Now the cutout is edgy, but I feel tasteful. It didn’t reveal an obscene amount of cleavage, just a hint, which is why I liked it. Paired with the boots, I felt like a badass. For $12 this dress was a steal. Not only can it be punked up with clunky boots, but can be dressed up with tights and black booties, or calf boots. I could also wear it with a jean jacket and converse, so it is extremely versatile.

PS I did have work the day that I wore this, so I wore it backwards for the first half of the day. I must admit it didn’t look bad at all. The back is higher up on my neck, but then the cutout is a cute detail on my back. Love it.


Dress on backwards!

Dress on backwards!

The Triple S! Skirt, Sweater, Scarf!

With that apology out of the way (Sophomore year has begun, and my schedule is wild), let me get right into this post!

Skirt: Grandma made it; sweater: Thrifted $11: scarf: Nordstroms Rack $10; tights: Target $5; Boots: Dr. Marten's

Skirt: Grandma made it; sweater: Thrifted $11: scarf: Nordstroms Rack $10; tights: Target $5; Boots: Dr. Marten’s

I love this outfit, and actually received many compliments on it today. The sweater is snug so the belting at the waist is not as important. One could easily wear it with jeans and not lose any upper body shape. However, I’m a huge fan of the belted look so I did it anyways. ๐Ÿ˜› The stripes on the sweater have a slimming effect (the wider the stripes, the wider one tends to look) and coupled with the black tights and bottoms creates a streamlined effect. I kept my bottoms simple, and let the top have some fun.

I also kept my accessories minimal. The scarf is soft material (textures are clashing), and a muted color with a very gradual color change. It is eye catching because of the gradual change, but doesn’t distract since it is a light purple/grey.
My bag, shoes, and lipstick (MAC’s Hang Up) all provide a nice pop of color. Notice that I stayed away from print and stuck with solids. The only print in the whole ensemble is the striped sweater. This is how I was able to accessorize with multiple colors. I kept them simple.

On a side note: I have been looking desperately for a black skirt since my Urban Outfitters one is getting a little threadbare. Now, there was one on Urban that I liked but I was unwilling to pay $32 for it (plus shipping). No thanks. In comes Grandma, who took my measurements and whipped up the simple black skirt that I desired. I found the format for her at the local fabric store, as well as picked out the material. All in all, not too terribly difficult!

Brother’s Style

Hey all! So I’m doing a feature here, and it’s on my very own brother! Cole is the resident “Anti-Establishment” guy in our household, and that is definitely portrayed through his unique style. For the ensemble Cole was going to an acquaintance’s 16th birthday bash. I think the invitation said fancy casual or something like that.


Docs: Craigslist: $50

While this isn’t as dressy as it could have been, I did like what Cole did with it. It still retains the punk aspect, but the purple shirt tucked in does dress it up. Acceptable for a teenage birthday party. I don’t have a lot to say in respects to tailoring and all that. The reason I’m posting this is that I admire Cole for being able to keep his image and distinct sense of style when forced to dress it up a little. I feel that there are less options for men to showcase their style when they are expected to be formal. Granted, this isn’t super formal, but I still respect Cole. Plus, those Docs are flippin’ amazing.